If you’ve followed my advice regarding the necessary steps to take after a Maryland Auto Accident, you probably will need time to catch your breath.

Have you settled down a little bit yet? Great. Now, the fact that you were able to get out of your car and complete the steps I recommended is a good indicator that you likely did not suffer a catastrophic injury ( I have seen instances in the past where an accident victim went undiagnosed with a severe injury such as a neck fracture or internal injuries but that is rare). Nonetheless, you still may be injured.

If you are experiencing ANY type of bodily pain you need to notify the police officer right away. The officer will request that an ambulance be sent to the scene. The officer will also include the fact that you were injured in the police report, provided one is written. If the police fail to show, I advise you to let the other driver know that you are hurt and then to go directly to the nearest emergency room or medical clinic.

Even if the pain is minimal, it is imperative that you get checked out as soon as possible. You do not know how serious the injury is. As I stated earlier, some people walk around after an auto accident with severe injuries and don’t know it. Some injuries can start out with minimal pain but get progressively worse. Don’t play around with your health!

Just as important, you also need to seek medical attention if you are injured so that the injury can be documented. Insurance companies play HARDBALL and will not pay a penny unless you can prove you were injured. The proof you need is contained in the medical records from your hospital or doctor visit.

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Rich insurance companies DEMAND that any medical problem you sustain as a result of a Baltimore Auto Accident be documented. If you’ve been injured but don’t get timely medical attention, as far as the greedy insurance companies are concerned, it’s as if it never happened.

Don’t throw away your right to recover for any injuries you’ve suffered in a Maryland Car Collision. Get medical treatment IMMEDIATELY!!!!!