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How to Fight the Medical System After A Medical Malpractice with Carol Stern and Author David Black

We need to change America’s healthcare system, and take power out of the insurance company’s hands. Listen as Carol Stern and author David Black shares how to fight against the medical system.

Meet Carol Stern:

Carol Stern is the wife of Gary Stern, the subject of Ripped Apart: Living Misdiagnosed, a true story of one of the largest medical malpractice awards in U.S. history. This real-life account of how a husband and wife’s love was tested during the darkest of times. It pulls back the curtain in detail what it is like to suffer due to doctors’ mistakes and their refusal to admit they made them. Carol recounts in honest detail how her husband Gary spent three years with his internal organs on the outside of his body. More importantly, Carol reveals how she stopped at nothing to make sure Gary was under the best possible care at all times, even if that meant taking things into her own hands.


Ripped Apart: Living Misdiagnosed
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