They may seem innocuous and safe – after all, consumers assume that the household products that line store shelves are safe for household use. However, dangerous and defective household products can cause injury or even death. The 1972 United States Consumer Product Safety Act included the creation of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which regulates consumer products ranging from household cleaners to children’s toys. However, despite CPSC involvement, dangerous and defective household products do slip through the cracks, onto store shelves and into unsuspecting homes. The result is dangerous and often fatal.

Types of Hazardous Household Products

The CPSC has recently recalled products ranging from cedar chests to pacifiers, lounge chairs to log splitters. They also set product safety standards for a range of products. However, some manufacturers are either unaware or neglectful of these requirements and produce and distribute items that are unfit for public use. Choking deaths, the spread of disease, minor injuries and even death can result. While the CPSC recalls products on a regular basis, it can be hard to disseminate this information to consumers who may already have bought the products.

Seeking Compensation for Injuries

When a dangerous or defective household product causes injury or illness, victims should seek appropriate medical treatment and then look for a lawyer with products liability litigation experience. The right products liability lawyer can evaluate and investigate your claim, establish negligence and liability, and fight your claim in court. You could be eligible for financial compensation and damages to cover expenses associated with your injuries, loss of earning capacity, and the costs of future treatment.

File an Injury Claim Today

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There’s no excuse for injury and death due to dangerous and defective household products. Fight for your legal rights – speak to Baltimore defective product attorney Steven H. Heisler for more information about a products liability claim today. Your case consultation is free, confidential and completely without obligation – contact us today for more information.