St. Luke’s Home, a New-York based nursing home, recently discovered traces of Legionella bacteria in its water systems, according to NBC news affiliate WKTV. The bacteria are known for causing Legionnaires’ disease, a lung disease that can result in death.

St. Luke’s Home regularly tests its water supply for Legionella and other dangerous microorganisms. In mid-January, St. Luke’s found traces of Legionella in certain limited places in the nursing home’s water delivery systems. The home notified the New York Department of Public Health, which decided to limit the use of the nursing home’s water systems until filters could be installed. St. Luke’s expected to have the filters in place by the end of January.

Legionella bacteria thrive in enclosed systems that contain warm water, such as those found in nursing homes, hospitals, and similar institutions. The bacteria enter a person’s body when contaminated water is drunk or water vapor is inhaled. The disease cannot be transmitted between people directly. Most people exposed to Legionella do not become ill, but Legionnaires’ disease can have serious consequences for those with weakened immune systems, including the elderly, children, and those with autoimmune disease.

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