Benjamin Surmi: Exciting Alzheimer’s Lifestyle Innovations You Need To Hear About

Empowering people to thrive – no matter what disability or cognitive disorder they may live with – is the focus of Benjamin Surmi’s work as a social gerontologist. Currently, Benjamin works in Vancouver, Washington, with Koelsch Communities. There are lots of different issues related to aging. However, the world of dementia is in dire need of innovation. Finally, we realize the problems with Alzheimer’s – it’s a cultural issue. The United Kingdom has transformed itself into a dementia friendly community. They train people to understand and know how to work with people who live with dementia. That way, they won’t suffer as much as they do. Tune in as we speak about how life is in a dementia-friendly society and how we can help patients living with dementia. In This Episode: [05:50] Meet Benjamin Surmi. Benjamin explains what exactly a social gerontologist does. [09:45] How life can be better for people with Alzheimer’s. [18:20] What happens when an Alzheimer’s patient can’t be found in a dementia-friendly society.   [21:10] How to refer to someone who is living with dementia.    [26:20] Using headphones to speak to patients living with dementia.  Key Takeaways: The issue of dementia is cultural. We need to make[…..]