Do Public Guardianships Help the Elderly?

To get some help today, we have Dr. Pamela Teaster with us to talk about public guardianships and whether it is in the best interest of incapacitated people. Dr. Teaster is a human development and family science professor at Virginia Tech and director of the Virginia Tech Center for Gerontology. First, Dr. Teaster explains what public guardianship means. When a person is deemed to lack capacity and has no responsible person to make decisions on their behalf, the state will then appoint a public guardian. Sadly, not many people know about this unconstitutional process called public guardianship. Tune in as Dr. Teaster explains why we should be concerned about public guardianship and what seniors need to know about sexual abuse in residential care settings. In This Episode: [02:55] What exactly public guardianship means, and why older adults are appointed guardians more often than younger adults.    [07:20] The history behind public guardianship.   [10:00] Why seniors should be concerned about public guardianship.  [14:15] With public guardianship, the guardian becomes the state – it’s a critical distinction to understand.  [18:00] Dr. Teaster speaks about the problem of sexual abuse in residential care settings.   Key Takeaways: Your civil rights are under fire because of[…..]