New Tech that Detects Infections in Elderly Wound Parents w/ Martha Kelso

In this episode of The Injured Senior Podcast, Martha Kelso is back with us again to talk about a new device that’s emerging in long-term care that recognizes infection in seniors. Martha is bedsore and pressure wound expert and the CEO of Wound Care Plus, LLC, a mobile wound care provider in the midwest. Her expertise in this field has allowed her to share her passion and knowledge with many others and she joins us on this episode to chat with host Steve Heisler. Tune in to this episode to learn all about the new exciting technology that is revolutionizing health care for seniors.  In This Episode: [03:23] The problem with diagnosing infections in seniors [05:24] Autoimmune disorders in the elderly and the effect on infections [09:37] Martha speaks about the emerging device, Moleculight, that is changing long-term care for seniors [12:11] How physicians use the device to target and remove bacteria which helps reduce the use of antibiotics for seniors [19:35] Getting this technology accessible to be used across all long-term health care facilities [25:00] Martha shares with Steve what family members of long-term residents should look for when managing their wounds and care Key Takeaways: Avoiding antibiotics in[…..]