Senior Health: Breast Implant Illness with Dr. Maria Gmitro

Maria Gmitro is President and co-founder of Breast Implant Safety Alliance (BISA Nonprofit). Sadly, Maria experienced illness from newly FDA-approved breast implants back in 2014. After getting the implants removed, Maria felt instantly better. Now, Maria loves to educate others and help people who are experiencing symptoms from their breast implants. There are many illnesses and system symptoms related to breast implants, including fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, anxiety, depression, and more. Tune in as Maria explains what you can do if you think you’re suffering from an illness related to breast implants or other medical devices. In This Episode: [04:35] Maria speaks about her journey with illness from breast implants.  [12:50] The illnesses that are associated with breast implants.   [20:25] Breast implant recalls: what you need to know.  [29:00] Everyone reacts differently to a medical device; think about the symptoms before getting an implant.  [31:30] Do extensive research before getting anything implanted into your body.  Key Takeaways: The most common systemic symptoms from breast implants are fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, anxiety, hair loss, depression, rash, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, and weight fluctuation.  Memory loss, depression, anxiety, autoimmune disorders, and neurological deficits may not be from aging; instead, they may[…..]

What Patients Should Consider Before Getting A Knee or Hip Implant with Madris Kinard

Listen now as Madris Kinard talks about the safety of both hip and knee replacement implants. Meet Madris Kinard Device Events was founded by Madris Kinard in 2015 after she worked for the FDA. and discovered that safety information for medical devices was hard to come by for patients and physicians. Madris identified that patient safety and health outcomes were being critically impacted by the inaccessibility of information on adverse events caused by medical devices. That information is now easily accessible through clear, comprehensive, metrics, reports and signal alerts that healthcare professionals can use to improve health outcomes and patient safety while reducing risk for their organizations. Resources: Website: http://www.deviceevents.comTwitter: