Seniors Should Not Be The Canary In The Coal Mine for Legionnaires Disease

Dr. Janet E. Stout is an infectious disease microbiologist; Dr. Stout is recognized worldwide for seminal discoveries and pioneering research in Legionella. Dr. Stout explains why getting a Legionnaires’ disease diagnosis is challenging. Unfortunately, twenty percent of people who get the disease will die from it. Legionella bacteria are found in warm water. The most significant contributions come from cooling towers, hot tubs, decorative water features, faucets, and showers. Fifty percent of buildings have Legionella bacteria in them. Tune in as Dr. Stout explains the importance of getting tested for Legionnaires’ disease, where the hotbeds for Legionella bacteria are, and why seniors are the canary in the coal mine when it comes to Legionella exposure. In This Episode: [03:10] Meet Dr. Janet E. Stout. Dr. Stout explains her passion for special pathogens. [05:45] About Legionnaires’ disease and where the Legionella bacteria is found. [11:20] How many cases of Legionnaires’ disease are documented in the United States. [14:00] Certain areas that are considered hotbeds for Legionnaires’ disease.   [19:25] How to advocate to your local politicians about Legionella bacteria. [24:05] Why you are less likely to have Legionella bacteria in your home. Key Takeaways: The common symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease is[…..]