Senior Health: Sex Among Seniors Is Not A Dirty Word with Dr. Nicole Didyk

Dr. Nicole Didyk is the founder of “The Wrinkle,” a website and YouTube channel that helps you make the connections you need to age successfully. This episode is all about something that is on everyone’s minds but rarely talked about: sex. We have a profound and frank discussion about the ridiculous stereotypes regarding sexuality in older adults. For instance, we talk about the stereotype that older people showing affection is “cute” and “childish” – these thoughts are merely ageist! Plus, we chat about what a sexual relationship can be like with someone who also happens to be a caregiver. In This Episode: [02:40] About Dr. Nicole Didyk. [04:55] There is ageism in our society when it comes to sexuality and older adults. [07:55] The reasons there should be more awareness about sexuality in the older age group.  [10:00] How sex will change as people get older.    [12:40] Often, one partner will become a caregiver for the other. We talk about how this will affect the sexual relationship.  [18:30] Dr. Nicole Didyk answers this question: how common is sex in long-term care facilities? [22:30] Advice for having conversations with your elderly parents about their sex lives.   Key Takeaways: When doctors don’t[…..]