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Lawyer Blog: Baltimore, MD

Category: Pedestrian Accidents

Crosswalks: How Safe Are You?

Maryland Crosswalk Accident Lawyer

Crosswalks can give us an inflated sense of security because we believe that cars will automatically stop when we are standing in one. In many locations, the law says that cars are supposed to stop for persons in a crosswalk. In marked crosswalks in Maryland, that is the law. But other situations exist where vehicles […]

Watching Traffic Like a HAWK

Pedestrian Injuries

Earlier in 2017, the Maryland state legislature was considering bills that would have increased safety for bicyclists and pedestrians in our state, calling for special traffic signals where trails intersect state highways. On such roads, vehicles often travel faster than 45 mph in the areas with crossings used by both pedestrians and cyclists. One problematic […]

UMD College Student Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Injuries

One stretch of Route 1 in College Park, Maryland, has become deadly for University of Maryland students trying to cross the four-lane highway. Within the past ten months there have been four serious pedestrian traffic accidents there, two of them fatal, prompting the President of the University to write an online letter to the community […]