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    The Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler have worked for more than two decades to help victims of personal injury in Baltimore and across Maryland.

    When it comes to split-second reflexes and the actions of other drivers, all the experience and training in the world cannot protect a driver from an motor vehicle accident.

    Companies have an obligation to adhere to safety regulations, provide adequate training, and maintain equipment to avoid workplace injury.

    Though we literally place our lives in doctors’ hands, medical malpractice is a pervasive and devastating problem in this country.

    If you need legal advice on Social Security disability or want to appeal a denied claim, contact Steven H. Heisler for a Free consultation.

    Exposure to hazardous chemicals can cause serious health complications. The pesticide Roundup has been found to cause non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

    Monsanto’s Roundup ingredient glyphosphate is causing health problems—particularly Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL).

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    Steve Heisler, Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer

    Fear . . . confusion . . . grief. If you or a loved one has been injured through the negligence of another person or company, these are the emotions you are likely to be feeling now. But Steve Heisler, personal injury attorney in and around Baltimore, can help you through this, with diligence . . . compassion . . . and confidence.


    Over the course of more than two decades, Steve Heisler has represented the interests of thousands of people who were injured in accidents, including car and truck crashes, workplace incidents, pedestrian injuries and other personal injury claims. When Baltimore residents suffer from use of a defective product or are the victim of medical malpractice, they call on The Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler for experienced legal counsel from a caring Maryland personal injury lawyer.

    Steven H. Heisler can be your shoulder to lean on, as well, if you or your family member has been injured or wrongfully killed due to someone’s reckless behavior. Call Steve today at (877) 228-4878 for a free consultation.

    The Heisler legal team handles a wide range of injury claims in Baltimore, throughout Maryland, and in Washington, DC. In addition, Mr. Heisler’s contacts are far-reaching, and he has working relationships with competent attorneys all across the nation. Even if your injury occurred outside of Maryland or the District of Columbia, Steven Heisler will be able to assist you in obtaining the legal representation you need to prevail on your injury claim.


    At The Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler, we offer you Legal Action That Makes A Difference. Our case results and client testimonials speak for themselves. We are honored to serve our clients and hope that we may be able to assist you in a similar way.

    Making a Difference in Baltimore

    Steve Heisler is a Maryland personal injury lawyer committed to making a difference – in his community, in his clients’ lives, and in the cause of justice. Before being admitted to law school, Steve was an organizer and business agent for the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union, Local #7. His no-nonsense attitude and the way he stands his ground won him the respect and trust of the hardworking people of Baltimore. Since his graduation from the University of Baltimore Law School in 1988, Steve has focused on making a difference for those who have suffered an injury because of the negligence or reckless behavior of someone else.


    When you have a legal problem, you want someone you have confidence in and can trust. You also want someone who likes people and is the kind of person you would like to have as a friend. Steve Heisler is a family man, married with children. He is an avid sports fan and will gladly tell you about his early years as a wrestler and Golden Gloves boxer. Yes, he has been a fighter for a long time, and now he fights for the rights of his clients.

    Any Time, Any Place

    An accident can happen just about any time and any place. Without warning you may find yourself with huge medical bills, lingering pain, an inability to earn an income, and little hope for providing for your family. A personal injury lawsuit against the person or company responsible for the injury can bring you and your family monetary compensation to cover those expenses and provide financial security in the future. A Maryland personal injury lawyer at The Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler will be there for you, working with diligence . . . compassion . . . confidence , to see that you receive everything you deserve from those who should be held accountable.

    What you should do after being injured

    1. First, notify someone in authority of your injuries. In car accidents, call the police so they can file a report. If injured on the job, notify your supervisor.
    2. You should then promptly seek medical treatment.
    3. In the days weeks and months that follow, keep track of all expenses you encounter related to your injury.
    4. Finally, contact an attorney to learn more about your legal options.

    How do I know if I have a claim?

    Ask yourself these three questions…

    1. Were you injured?
    2. Have those injuries been costly?
    3. Was another person or persons responsible for the injuries you suffered?

    If you answered yes to these three questions, your case has the three most important elements of a personal injury lawsuit.

    Why You Need a Baltimore Injury Attorney

    When you discover what it takes to build a successful injury claim, you come to appreciate the need people have for attorneys. In addition to the process of filing a claim – handling documents, correspondence, research – there’s also the importance of knowing the law. Without an attorney, one would need to do so much work just to get up to speed on the basics of personal injury laws and the essential procedures that need to be followed.

    In addition to the day-to-day grind and familiarity with the laws and legal system, a good attorney knows what it takes to give their client an even greater advantage. They will go above and beyond the basics by consulting expert witnesses, preparing presentations, dedicating hours of their time to depositions and looking for little ways in which they can get the most out of the resources they have available.

    Cases We Resolve

    If you or someone you care about has been injured as the result of any of the following incidents, please contact The Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler for assistance:

    The Baltimore personal injury attorney at Heisler law firm is also proud to assist individuals and families afflicted by restraint injuries and deaths; juvenile facility injuries and deaths; and youth boot camp injuries and deaths.

    At Home, at Work, on the Road

    People can be injured at home by a dangerous product. They can be hurt at work by an unsafe piece of equipment. And they can be – and often are – hurt in automobile accidents. Buckling your seatbelt and being a cautious driver are good steps to take. But they won’t always protect you from careless and distracted drivers, unsafe vehicles, or hazards on the road. A highway collision can leave you with medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, pain and disability. Steve Heisler will help you after a car accident on the streets of Baltimore, on Maryland interstates, or on a cross-country vacation trip.

    It’s not always easy to determine who is responsible for a car wreck, but the experience of Maryland personal injury lawyer Steve Heisler, enables him to analyze the details of your accident and identify all responsible parties, making them and their insurance companies pay the price for their negligence. Insurance companies can be hard to deal with, delaying or denying payment.

    Steve Heisler is not afraid to aggressively pursue your interests, even if it means facing off with insurance company attorneys in the courtroom. Your struggle becomes his battle, and he has the will to win.

    Tips for Dealing with the Insurance Agency

    Report your injuries to your own insurance company and cooperate with them to the best of your ability. If they offer you an amount that you are satisfied with, then you can accept that offer. However, you are not required to accept an offer that doesn’t reflect your needs. If you are offered less than you deserve, your attorney will intervene on your behalf.

    When dealing with another person’s insurance company, the rules are very different. You are not obligated to speak to a representative of another insurance company. It is in your best interest not to make a statement or correspond with their representative. They could potentially use what you say to lessen an offer they make or deny payment altogether. Instead of corresponding with another insurance company, refer them to your personal injury attorney.

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    How does a settlement work?
    How does a trial work?
    What leads to a successful lawsuit?
    Who can be sued?
    Should I feel bad about suing someone?
    How is fault determined?
    Importance of seeking medical attention

    Getting More Information from Our Baltimore Personal Injury Lawyer

    If you’ve suffered a serious injury, you likely have several questions you’d like addressed. There’s no substitute for a consultation with an attorney where you can provide details about your case and get more specific answers to your questions. However, we’ve provided some general answers to commonly asked questions to give you a reference point.

    We encourage you to contact Steven H. Heisler to schedule a free consultation of your case. Steve has been representing Baltimore residents for nearly three decades. His dedication to his clients and to the city of Baltimore runs deep. Steve has been a fierce advocate for thousands of city residents, a Baltimore union organizer and, of course, a fan of the Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens.

    Not every law firm in Baltimore has local ties like Steve. We believe that a connection to your community matters, and we’re proud to call Baltimore home.

    You need a lawyer that won’t back down from a fight. Talk to Steven H. Heisler today.

    Statute of limitations

    The statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits in Maryland is three years.

    This means that you have three years from the time you sustained your injury to take legal action.

    How much is my injury case worth?

    The value of your claim depends on the extent of the damage you’ve experienced.

    Factors that a personal injury attorney uses to determine the amount of damages that should be pursued include costs of medical care, lost income, property damage and non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering.

    What makes a good personal injury attorney?

    A good attorney thoroughly prepares their client’s case, conducts a great deal of research and possesses the knowledge and skill to make sure their client gets the payment they deserve. As we discussed above, a good attorney does more than the bare minimum required in a lawsuit. They go the extra mile for their client.

    A good attorney is a fighter, and they won’t be stopped until they get their clients a result that meets their needs.

    Costs of an attorney

    Each attorney has their own preferred method of payment. Because the costs involved in handling a personal injury claim can be high, some attorneys may choose to receive something on the front end of handling a case. Others might charge a rate for their time.

    However, many personal injury attorneys choose to be paid on a contingency fee.

    What is a contingency fee?

    A contingency fee means that an attorney’s fee is contingent on the success of the case.

    At the Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler, you pay us nothing unless we win your case.

    Settlement vs. Trial


    When the two sides of an injury claim agree on the amount the plaintiff (the injured party) should be paid, they have reached a settlement. If no settlement is reached, the case goes to trial.


    This process varies in length depending on the specifics of the case. The more parties involved, the lengthier the process can be. While a quick resolution is often desired, a skilled attorney knows that patience can lead to a more satisfying settlement.

    How does a personal injury settlement work?

    Attorneys of the plaintiff and the defendants will negotiate the amount of money the injured person is owed.

    If both sides reach a factor that is satisfactory, then a specified amount will be paid to the plaintiff.

    How does a trial work?

    If a settlement isn’t reached, a case goes to trial, where both sides’ attorneys present the case of their clients.

    A jury will hear both arguments and determine whether the defendant owes the plaintiff money. A jury will also decide how much money the plaintiff will be awarded.

    What leads to a successful lawsuit?

    A successful case is one that clearly demonstrates how someone was injured and who was responsible.

    When this is done effectively, it requires a great deal of time and preparation by the attorney. If an attorney and his staff are prepared, patient and persistent, a lawsuit will be positioned for a successful outcome.

    Who can be sued in a personal injury case?

    In general, anyone whose negligence contributed to your injures can be named in a lawsuit.

    While there are a few rare exceptions to this rule, it is typically the case that you can file a claim against one or more persons or organizations who you feel might bear responsibility for the accident that caused your injuries.

    Should I feel bad about suing someone?

    No. If you choose to file a lawsuit, you should remember that you are only doing so because another person’s actions have caused you serious harm.

    You are not claiming anything about another’s character, only that they contributed to your injury and, thus, should pay for their role in causing the suffering you’ve faced.

    How is fault determined in personal injury claims?

    Fault is a key element in an injury claim, particularly in Maryland, which has a contributory negligence rule. This means that fault must fall squarely on the party you name in the lawsuit. Determining fault is a process handled by an attorney. The process involves extensive investigation and information gathering.

    A skilled Baltimore personal injury attorney has been through the process many times and knows what it takes to demonstrate fault.

    Importance of seeking medical attention

    The excitement, anxiety and trauma of an accident can leave a person unaware of the fact that they’ve been seriously injured. In some cases, injuries don’t become apparent for several days or weeks after the accident occurs.

    Always seek medical care after an accident. It’s the best move for your health and your injury case if you choose to pursue one.

    The 7 Most Important Steps To Take IMMEDIATELY After a Maryland Accident

    After an accident, you are confused and in shock. Sign up to see the list of of things you must do in order to protect your ability to recover. Knowing what to do after suffering an injury not only alleviates some of the stress you are facing, it also allows you to take all necessary steps to ensure you get the care and payment you are entitled to.

    Getting Answers to your Injury Claims

    Call The Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler at (410) 625-4878 today for a free consultation. You’ll find that Steve Heisler, “The Injury Lawyer,” is not arrogant or stuffy. He is easy to talk to and will do his level best to help you get to the bottom of your legal problem so that you can get on with the rest of your life.

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