Five Important Steps to Take After a Slip and Fall

Did you know that 1 million individuals go to the ER every year due to a slip and fall accident? That’s 2,000 people every day. A lot of those individuals are seniors and the elderly part of the aging population. In this episode, you will learn about the five most important steps to take after a slip trip and fall.  Report it immediately If you’re injured, see a doctor right away Take photos; a picture proves that there was a defect. Do not give a recorded statement to the insurance company. You may give them a short written statement, but do not give a recorded statement. Consult with an attorney.   To find out more about the National Injured Senior Law Center or to set up a free consultation go to or call 855-622-6530 CONNECT WITH STEVE H. HEISLER: Website: http://www.injuredseniorhotline.comFacebook: Email:

Dr. Joe Casciani: Teaching Seniors How to Fight Depression

In This Episode: [02:25] Meet Joe Casciani. Joe explains why older adults get depressed.  [08:00] How chronic mental disorders will accompany medical conditions in older individuals.  [09:50] Dr. Casciani reveals ways to overcome depression.  [16:30] The importance of exercise on our mental health.   [19:30] About the Living to 100 Club. [24:00] How we can start living a better and more fulfilling life.   Key Takeaways: Older adults have more life stressors; therefore, they are more prone to depression.   Depression will narrow our perspective.  We need to observe our self-talk. When we have a setback, we need to accept it, fix it, and move on.  Staying physically active will assist with depression & living longer. Meet Dr. Joe Casciani Joseph M. Casciani, PhD, is the founder and Chief Curator of the Living to 100 Club, the author’s new voice for delivering recommendations and inspiration about aging with a positive mindset – no matter how hard the journey. His insights about living longer, healthier, and happier lives reflect the author’s experience with older adults and their families, with paid and unpaid caregivers, writing and public speaking, and the hundreds of mental health professionals and scores of hospitals and long-term care facilities with whom[…..]

Father Doyle: Uncovering Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church

About Father Doyle: Tom Doyle, is a truly heroic advocate for transparency and accountability in the Catholic Church, in all churches and synagogues and mosques. There are more than 19,000 people who endured abuse by American priests from 1950 to July 2017. And those are just the ones that can be confirmed and that we know about. For more than 30 years father Doyle has examined approximately 1000 clergy sex abuse cases across the globe, and is an expert witness and consultant to victims of clergy sex abuse. He served as a pastor in Illinois beginning in 1971, was appointed as an advocate for the Metropolitan tribunal of the Archdiocese of Chicago in 1974. He served as Secretary canonist at the Vatican Embassy in Washington DC until 1986. In 1986, he was also commissioned a reserve officer in the US Air Force and was on active duty until 2004. Here has received numerous awards for his tireless advocacy on behalf of victims and survivors of clergy sex abuse. He also wrote a groundbreaking 90 page report in 1985, titled, The problem of sexual molestation by Roman Catholic clergy. And he published a book in 2006 Sex, Priests, and the Secret[…..]

Sam Sugar: The Risks, The Truth, and The Dangers of Probate Guardianships

About Sam Sugar: Dr. Sugar is a medical doctor and a founder and president of Americans Against Abuse of Probate Guardianships, AAAPG, an organization designed to expose the corruption of the nation’s guardianship systems. Dr. Sugar received his medical degree from the Abraham Lincoln College of Medicine at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He achieved certification as a specialist in internal medicine from the American Board of Internal Medicine and was distinguished as a fellow of the American College of Physicians. He has served as a director for managed care at Evanston, Northwestern Healthcare, and is taught at both Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine and the Chicago Medical School. In 2014, after experiencing the horrors of guardianship firsthand, Dr. Sugar created Americans Against Abuse of Probate Guardianships.  In this episode, Steve and Sam Sugar discuss: 1. What was the horror of guardianship that you experienced firsthand? When we discovered that this guardianship process had been subverted to a racket, basically a very profitable racket for the entire for-profit guardianship industry, which includes the court insiders, the judge, the lawyers, the guardians, and an army of people downstream who profit from it, by virtue of straw man sales, underhanded kickbacks,[…..]

Laura Williams: Sepsis Survivor Stories

About Laura Williams: She is the host of the podcast, Sepsis Survivor Stories. She is herself a Sepsis survivor and she was just minutes away from death. She interviews other sepsis survivors on her show. Laura is an experienced podiatrist. She’s a graduate of the University of Brighton and educates health professionals on Sepsis. In this episode, Steve and Laura discuss: 1. What was it that motivated you to start the Surviving Sepsis Stories podcast? Sepsis Survivor Stories actually came about because I just wanted to make a difference. I have been on a number of Facebook groups, and I connected with a few people and a number of people said that they felt really alone afterward and that it was a very isolating experience. I felt that after I got home and there was no help and that is a very common occurrence. 2. Did you have the experience of feeling alone, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder? Very much so and at the moment, I’m actually dealing with a lot. I’ve been wearing face masks and it’s having the same effect as wearing an oxygen mask. Oxygen is really important when it comes to sepsis. 3. Was that the[…..]

Colin Hoobler: Sitting Disease and How it is Killing Seniors and the Elderly

About Colin Hoobler: Colin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and he’s been a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 19 years. He is an author and trainer, the creator and host of the action 30 podcast, as well as the fitness show on PBS. He’s a medical expert for his local NBC affiliate. By the way, injured senior community he is out in Oregon. So I’m here in Baltimore. So he is literally on the other coast. He’s a health writer for The Oregonian Newspaper and he’s the Founder and CEO of S3 Balance LLC. He will talk a little bit about that later on in the episode. Well, welcome to the show Collin, it’s so good to have you here. In this episode, Steve and Colin discuss: 1. How serious of a problem is sitting and remaining sedentary to the aging population? Sitting carries the same or greater risk, an actually greater risk than smoking a pack of cigarettes every day. So if you’re a non-smoker, but you decide to be sedentary and sit, you know, eight to 10 hours a day, which most seniors do, unfortunately, especially if you’re in a community like Memory Care assisted living, then[…..]

Emmett Irwin: Early Onset Alzheimers

About Emmett Irwin: Emmett is a social security disability and Elder Law Attorney in Baltimore, Maryland, who previously was paid by hospitals and nursing homes to get disability and medical benefits for patients. Several years ago, Emmet started his own law firm, so he could work for private clients, and is the co-chair of the disability benefits section of the Maryland Association for Justice, the Vice-Chair of the elder law and disability Right section of the Maryland State Bar Association and a member of the peer review of the state of Maryland. Emmitt is also a former Division Three basketball player.  In this episode, Steve and Emmett discuss: 1. So how long have you been handling SSD cases? Since 2008, so, years. 2. Can you give me a ballpark figure as to when you started seeing early-onset dementia cases?  It’s been since I started but they were fewer and far between back then. They’ve been getting more and more prevalent. As you know, the population starts to age, the silver tsunami, as you would say, baby boomers are getting a little older, and some people are starting to have some issues with dementia. 3. What would you say are the[…..]

Billie Mintz: His film, the Guardians, Exposes Corrupt U.S. Probate Guardianship System.

About Billie Mintz: Billie has dedicated his career to social justice, raising public awareness, and advocating for those who have no voice – including a reporter for the departed. His belief in the power of story to initiate people and for policy change is a driving force in his life as an investigative journalist and filmmaker.  He is represented by the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) In this episode, Steve and Billie discuss: 1. What gave you the idea to do this type of movie? In documentary filmmaking and in social justice, you don’t really have the liberty to think of what kind of movie you want to make you sort of discover something that’s going on and you realize that you’re the person that needs to expose this to a larger audience. As you said, you didn’t realize it was going on. These are the type of crimes that exist in the United States, only because people don’t know it’s going on until it’s too late. I had discovered this, that it was happening through one individual that I met and I looked into it. Then I realized that this is something that’s happening to thousands upon thousands of people[…..]

Rob Schenk: Assisted Living  Facilities Are Not What They’re Made Out To Be!

About Rob Schenk: Rob’s law firm Schenk Smith is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and is focused on representing individuals injured in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. He’s also the co-host of the Nursing Home Abuse Podcast. A  bi-monthly video podcast dedicated to educating families on nursing home care.  In this episode, Steve and Rob Schenk discuss: 1. In Episode Six, you refer to assisted living facilities as the Wild Wild West. What exactly did you mean by that? Primarily the fact that if you and I are talking about nursing homes, there’s going to be uniformity with regard to how they’re regulated from state to state. Assisted living facilities, what we’re calling assisted living facilities. There is no uniformity and regulation and guidelines across the country. Every state handles things differently and I believe that it’s the wild wild west, because that, in turn, causes a lot of, quote-unquote, brand confusion. What are you getting out of these facilities? it’s a gray area, in my opinion.  2. What is the difference between a nursing home and an assisted living facility?  A nursing home is defined by the federal government and doesn’t differ from state to state and it’s essentially[…..]

Danielle Roberts: What You Need to Know About Medicare

About Danielle Roberts: Danielle Roberts is a founding partner at Boomer benefits. Which is a National Agency specializing in Medicare-related insurance products since 2005. She’s been serving thousands of Medigap policyholders in 48 States. Boomer benefits help baby boomers learn the ropes regarding Medicare, a nationally recognized expert in the Medicare sector of the health insurance industry. Danielle is a past President of the Fort Worth chapter of the National Association of Health underwriters, and a Forbes financial council member. She’s been featured and or quoted by major news outlets around the country such as Fox, Yahoo, finance, and Business Insider.  In this episode, Steve and Danielle discuss: 1. Why do people feel so overwhelmed about Medicare when they’re approaching age 65? I think it’s because your whole working life, you’ve had someone choose your health insurance for you, you work for a company, that company has an HR department, HR department reviews, a bunch of group health insurance plans, and they come and say here, you know, you can sign up for this plan. Here’s what it’s going to cost you out of your paycheck. And that’s what happens. Maybe you work for a company that gives you a[…..]