Woman’s Death in Southwest Baltimore Fire Shows Dangers of Smoke Inhalation

According to The Baltimore Sun, an apartment fire recently claimed a woman’s life due to smoke inhalation, becoming the eleventh of 13 fire-related deaths in the city this year. The fire was contained to one apartment, but heavy smoke filled the building, requiring evacuations. Firefighters discovered the woman in an apartment on the second floor that had filled with smoke, but she died shortly after being taken to the hospital. Smoke inhalation has been determined to be the top cause of death in interior fires, rather than burn injuries or other types of trauma caused by the fire itself. During an indoor fire, smoke can quickly fill the building, spread to rooms and floors far away from the fire itself. By spreading through air ducts, under doors, and via all other connections within a building, smoke can quickly fill the area. In the event of a fire, it is vital that everyone within a burning building get out as quickly as possible, even if the fire is nowhere near them.