Police Officer Injured by Truck on Baltimore-Washington Parkway

According to The Baltimore Sun, a male police officer was injured while conducting a routine traffic stop on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway near Route 197. After having pulled a vehicle over to the side of the road, the officer parked, exited his own vehicle, and began writing up the traffic citation. A pickup truck, having left the roadway, proceeded to plow into the back of the parked police cruiser, which in turn careened into the vehicle the police officer was issuing the traffic citation to. The officer, who had been standing at the driver’s side window of the pulled over car, was forced underneath the police cruiser and was dragged for about 40 feet. The police officer was taken to Washington Hospital Center for treatment. His injuries were deemed nonlife-threatening, an excellent outcome in any traffic related accident. However, many victims of traffic accidents are not so lucky, and severe injury is often sustained, particularly when a person is dragged any length of distance by an operating vehicle. At the time of this article, it was not determined whether or not the driver of the pickup was under the influence of any sort of illicit substance, or simply chose to drive[…..]