Elder Care During COVID-19 with Dr. John Cascone

The number one health crisis in America is Covid-19. According to the CDC, eight out of ten Covid-19 deaths have been adults sixty-five years or older. The elderly have more comorbid conditions, which increases their risk of having a bad outcome from Covid. The most dangerous risk factors are hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and obesity. The people who are long-haulers will suffer symptoms long-term. Over half of the patients with Covid will have fatigue, shortness of breath, coughing, and joint pains. Close to forty percent of those patients will return to baseline three weeks later. A long-hauler will have brain fog, and the symptoms will drag on. Tune in as Dr. John Cascone reveals why so many people in nursing homes are coming down with Covid.     In This Episode [06:20] Meet Dr. John Cascone. Dr. John speaks about the unique circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic.  [11:25] Factors that make Covid especially risky.   [14:00] What seniors can expect to experience as a long-hauler.    [16:20] What happens when a patient gets intubated for Covid-19.  [17:45] Why so many people in nursing homes are coming down with Covid.  [22:50] About the treatments that people are receiving for Covid and how close we are[…..]