Urinary Tract Infections Pose a Serious Risk to Seniors and Elderly with Dr. Johnny Cascone

In this episode of The Injured Senior Podcast, Dr. Johnny Cascone, an Infectious Disease physician, joins host Steve Heisler to discuss Urinary Tract Infections and their prevalence in the nursing home community. You’ll also learn risk factors, signs, symptoms, and even the best practices on preventing and treating UTIs so they don’t become septic and lead to shock – or even death. Tune in to hear more from Dr. Cascone and his tips and information on Urinary Tract Infections, especially if you’re a caregiver to an elderly loved one.  In This Episode:  [03:00] Dr. Johnny Cascone speaks about the prevalence of UTIs in the elderly population, how often and why they can occur [05:00] Dr. Cascone explains common symptoms and types of UTI’s and how an untreated UTI can turn into sepsis [09:00] Risk factors, Common causes, and predispositions of urinary tract infections [11:00] How untreated infections affects the body and can lead to sepsis and septic shock and best practices for prevention of UTIs and sepsis [15:00] Why UTIs are common in nursing homes and how the use of catheters can affect the probability of an infection [19:30] The best way to deal with UTIs and recognizing symptoms as[…..]