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Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer

Advocating For Car Crash Victims in Baltimore, MD

With thousands of cars in Baltimore, Maryland, the risk of getting into an accident can be significant. Even if you are a safe driver, you still are at risk of an accident caused by a negligent driver. In this instance, a Baltimore car accident lawyer can help you seek damages from the at-fault driver.

Baltimore car accident lawyer Steve H. Heisler is THE attorney to hire for personal injury cases. Following your auto accident in Maryland, reach out to our car accident lawyer. When you do, we can review your case and help you hold the at-fault party responsible for their actions.

Why Choose Us

Our Baltimore car accident attorney gives you peace of mind. We fight for the compensation you deserve. To do so, we take as much time as needed to learn about your vehicle accident case and ensure you seek an appropriate amount of damages.

Attorney Steven H. Heisler makes sure his clients receive quality legal services. Our car accident attorney is tenacious and knows how to win cases. As such, we recover significant compensation payouts for his clients.

In addition, Steven H. Heisler is an experienced car accident lawyer in Baltimore. From Golden Gloves fighter to union organizer, he has taken on opponents in a variety of arenas. In the legal arena, he is a fierce advocate for the needs of his clients and does not shy away from a challenge.

How We Can Help

When you choose Baltimore car accident attorney Steven H. Heisler, you get:

  • Help from an attorney that has helped clients recover millions of dollars in compensation for clients.
  • The services of a nationally recognized trial lawyer.
  • Assistance from an attorney with deep ties to Baltimore.
  • A direct line to your car accident lawyer in Baltimore.

If you want assistance with your auto accident case, partner with attorney Steven H. Heisler. To get started, reach out to our Baltimore auto accident lawyer. From here, we can provide you with the legal help you need to win or settle your auto accident case.

What You Need to Know About Baltimore Roads and Car Accidents

Hundreds of fatal car accidents are reported in Baltimore every year. Research suggests Baltimore is among the most dangerous driving cities in the country. As most locals know, I-83, I-95, I-495, US 1, RT 50, and US 301 are all magnets for auto accidents and associated injuries and fatalities.

In most cases, negligence leads to traffic accidents in Baltimore. Negligent driving accidents are often preventable. On top of that, negligent drivers are responsible for the injuries they cause in accidents, and the law allows victims to request compensation for their losses.

It is paramount to address negligent driving in Baltimore. With a clear understanding of the causes of negligent driving, an individual can do their part to put an end to this problem. If someone is involved in an accident caused by a negligent driver in Baltimore, they can partner with an attorney to help them pursue damages from this individual as well.

Types of Negligent Driving

Negligent driving comes in many forms. Below are a few examples.

Driving While Drunk or Under the Influence of Drugs

In the United States, impaired driving is an issue that contributes to auto accidents, injuries, and fatalities every day. It is illegal to operate a vehicle while drunk or under the influence of drugs. Doing so can result in criminal and civil penalties.

If you are injured in an accident caused by an impaired driver, get medical help. Also, you can connect with a Baltimore auto accident attorney. You can share details about your accident and injury with the lawyer, and the attorney can help you file a personal injury lawsuit against the impaired driver.

Baltimore car accident lawyer Steven H. Heisler knows the challenges that come with personal injury lawsuits against impaired drivers. Regardless, our Baltimore auto accident lawyer can help you address these issues. Our attorney will ensure you pursue the most damages possible in your personal injury lawsuit.

Distracted Driving

It is common for a driver to look at their smartphone or GPS system while behind the wheel. There can be instances when a driver converses with a passenger or does other things that lead them to take their eyes off the road. In any of these instances, the distracted driver loses focus on what is most important: safe travel.

A distracted driver may claim they inadvertently looked away from the road, which can lead to an accident. In this scenario, the driver was still negligent. Therefore, the driver should be held accountable for any harm they caused.

If you are involved in an accident caused by a distracted driver in Baltimore, an auto accident lawyer can assist. First, the lawyer can meet with you and get details about your case. Next, the attorney can start crafting a legal strategy designed to help you secure compensation from the distracted driver.

Failure to Follow the Rules of The Road

The rules of the road are in place for a reason: to protect motorists and pedestrians. However, Baltimore drivers can violate the rules of the road at any time. Common driving violations in Baltimore include:

  • Speeding
  • Aggressive driving
  • Following a car too closely
  • Failure to obey traffic signs
  • Failure to yield right of way to oncoming traffic.

Any of these issues can lead to a Baltimore car accident. The problems can be avoided if a driver takes precautions. Thus, if a driver ignores the rules of the road and causes an accident and injury, this individual can be held financially responsible.

An auto accident lawyer in Maryland can help an individual take legal action following an accident caused by a driver that ignores the rules of the road. The lawyer identifies the rules the driver violated. Then, the attorney helps their client request compensation from the driver, which may lead this individual to think twice before they violate any road rules again.

Baltimore Car Accident Injuries and Damages

The injuries and harm that follow car accidents can destroy lives. Compensation for this harm plays a big part in helping injury victims put their lives back together. Under Maryland law, there are two types of damages available for car accident victims: economic damages and noneconomic damages.

Economic damages include the expenses and losses you are forced to bear due to your injury, such as:

  • Past and future medical care costs
  • Past and future lost income and economic activity
  • Costs associated with hiring home care help.

Comparatively, noneconomic damages are subjective. They can be awarded for pain, suffering, humiliation, embarrassment, emotional distress, and other losses that are difficult to quantify. An auto accident attorney in Maryland can teach you about economic and noneconomic damages and help you request a reasonable amount of compensation in your personal injury lawsuit.

What to Expect with Damages in A Maryland Auto Accident Case

There is no limit on the amount of economic damages you can request in a Maryland auto accident case. Your attorney can help you calculate the amount of economic damages to request based on the severity of your injury and other factors. Medical bills, pay stubs, and other evidence can be provided to support your request for economic damages.

In Maryland, there is a cap of $920,000 for noneconomic damages in personal injury lawsuits. This cap increases to $1.38 million in wrongful death cases. Noneconomic damages can be tough to verify and often lead to negotiations between a Baltimore car accident lawyer and an insurance company.

Punitive damages may be awarded in auto accident cases in Maryland as well, but it is extremely rare. The plaintiff has to show that the conduct of the at fault party was actual malice. They are given out to deter an at-fault party from future acts of negligence. There is no cap on punitive damages that can be awarded in Maryland.

Types of Injuries That Can Occur in A Baltimore Car Accident

Car accident victims often pay a heavy toll due to the force of car accidents. Although mild injuries are not uncommon, a disturbingly large number of injuries require immediate and long-term medical care. These injuries include:

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

In a car accident, a brain injury can occur due to impact with the skull, which occurs when the neck or head is subjected to overwhelming, sudden force. TBIs can also occur when the skull is penetrated by a foreign object. The consequences of TBIs can range from short-term loss of cognitive ability and neurological function to complete incapacitation, long-term care, and death.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Twisting and bending forces come into play during a car wreck and may cause damage to the spinal cord. In such traumatic events, consulting a Baltimore spinal injury attorney can be crucial. The spinal cord can also be severed by a foreign object, such as a roof collapse. Temporary and permanent paralysis can occur, requiring significant levels of medical and basic needs care.

Internal Injuries

As with TBIs, car accident victims may experience internal damage through extreme blunt force or by way of a piercing injury. Oftentimes, internal injuries go unnoticed at first, which can be dangerous and even fatal. For this reason, it is important to always get a complete medical examination after any injury accident, no matter how small.

Along with these injuries, auto accident victims can suffer burns, abrasions, lacerations, broken bones, and amputations. Worst of all, people can die in auto accidents. If a family member loses their life in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, you can seek damages as part of a wrongful death lawsuit.

How A Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You Win or Settle Your Case

In a Baltimore car accident case, an insurance company is likely to shoot for a quick, reduced payout. The company understands that an accident victim may need money to cover their medical bills. It is counting on the victim’s lack of knowledge and experience with the claims process to lead this individual to accept an immediate payout.

The best auto accident attorney in Baltimore encourages their client to review any settlement offer that comes their way. This attorney will urge their client to avoid making a rash decision on a settlement. Rather, the lawyer will help their client weigh the pros and cons of any decision regarding a settlement.

Once you contact a Baltimore auto accident lawyer, you will get the help you need to take care of your home and family life and heal from your injuries. In the meantime, your lawyer will be fighting at every stage of your litigation. Your attorney keeps in constant contact with you throughout your litigation and works diligently to help you achieve the optimal result.

What A Baltimore Auto Accident Attorney Does for You

A Baltimore auto accident lawyer handles the tasks involved in car accident claims for compensation. These tasks include:

  • Drafting and filing essential documents for your case, including your personal injury protection (PIP) application
  • Collecting medical records and bills
  • Completing an evaluation and appraisal of your case and injuries
  • Performing investigations and analyzing evidence of your car accident, including retrieving the police report, body camera footage, and video of the collision
  • Meeting and negotiating a settlement with insurance adjusters
  • Obtaining any and all health insurance liens (including Medicare and Medicaid), and negotiating reductions.

Do not expect your auto accident claim to be resolved right away. It can take weeks or months to negotiate a settlement. Months or years can pass before your case goes to trial, too.

Your attorney keeps you up to date as your auto accident case progresses. If you have concerns or questions at any point during your litigation, your lawyer can respond to them. Your attorney continues to work with you to ensure you can achieve your desired case result.

Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Accident Cases in Maryland

Learning about the basics of the car accident claims process can help alleviate the confusion you may be feeling about it. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about car accident claims in Maryland. If you want to learn more or are ready to file a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent driver, connect with a Maryland auto accident lawyer.

Can I Afford to Hire a Baltimore Car Accident Lawyer?

Hiring a Baltimore car accident lawyer is easy.  This is due to the fact that car accident lawyers work on contingency.

With a contingency-fee agreement, you do not pay any money upfront. Instead, the lawyer takes your case and works hard to get you compensation. Only if your attorney is successful are you required to pay.

Accepting a contingency fee agreement means you do not pay anything unless you win or settle your case. If this happens, the lawyer deducts their fees and costs from your compensation. You then receive the remainder of your compensation.

How Much Time Do I Have to File a Car Accident Claim in Maryland?  

Car accident survivors in Maryland have a three-year time frame to seek compensation for their damages. It is in your best interest to sue an at-fault driver as soon as logically possible following your auto accident. Otherwise, if the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury lawsuit passes, you cannot sue the at-fault driver at a later time.

Filing an insurance claim after an auto accident must usually be completed within a reasonable time. It is crucial to contact an insurance company right after your accident. You can report the accident and take the initial steps to get compensation.

Your auto accident lawyer can explain Maryland’s statute of limitations for personal injury cases in detail. The lawyer will help you work with an insurance company to settle your claim. As your case progresses, your attorney will continue to advocate for you and make sure your legal rights are protected.

How Much Compensation Should I Expect in a Baltimore Car Accident Case?

It depends on your case. You would need to meet with Baltimore car accident lawyers to get a reasonable idea of your claim’s worth. As you would imagine, the more serious the injuries, the more losses you will incur.

Other factors that are considered include the severity of the damage to the vehicles in the collision and the county where the accident took place. Your attorney can give you insights into these factors. Meanwhile, your lawyer will work with you to ensure you request the right amount of damages.

Damages that can be awarded in auto accident cases can total tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions. Your lawyer looks at all of the economic and noneconomic losses you have incurred to date and those you may face in the near future. This enables your attorney to request damages that can help you cover the short- and long-term costs of your auto accident.

How Long Do Car Accident Claims Take?

The answer to this question depends on the facts of your case. Some cases can be settled within six months, others can take 1-2 years.  With that being said, more complex cases, such as those needing a trial, can take 2-4 years for Baltimore car accident lawyers to resolve.

You have the opportunity to negotiate a settlement before your trial. The defendant in your case may propose a settlement. If this occurs, you can accept, reject, or counter it.

A settlement is a great option to resolve a car accident case as quickly as possible. On the other hand, you should not accept a settlement that falls short of your expectations. If you do not feel comfortable with a settlement, your lawyer can help you move forward with a trial.

These may not be your only questions; our attorneys will discuss your specific concerns in your initial consult.

Attorney Steve Heisler

Steve Heisler decided in 1996 that he was going to focus his law practice exclusively on injury cases. Since then, he has been representing injured people against insurance companies, disreputable medical practitioners and Big Pharma, and doing it with compassion, honesty and level-headed rationality. [ Attorney Bio ]

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