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Lawyer Blog: Baltimore, MD

Category: Injuries

Putting An End To DUI Deaths

Police Car With Lights On

ENDUI . . . No, it’s not pronounced on-dou-ee and it’s not a fancy French sausage. It’s pronounced end-dee-you-eye and it’s an app newly developed by the Maryland Highway Safety Office as one more weapon in the arsenal intended to save lives which could be taken by drunk drivers. ENDUI is an app which can […]

‘Tis The Season

Christmas Lights

This time of year, newspapers and social media post photos of homes lavishly decorated and lit for the Christmas season. Homeowners associations often sponsor decorating contests, drawing sightseers to “oooh” and “aahhh” as they slowly wind through neighborhood roads illuminated by all manner of electric light displays. What doesn’t always make the news are the […]

The Dangers Of Space Heaters

Fire Extinguisher

As cold weather settles in again, a tragic accident in Westminster, Maryland, reminds us that space heaters, when improperly used, can be the cause of serious injuries, property damage and death. Early in the morning on November 9, Bernie Toporzycki opened the door of a backyard shed and was met with a huge explosion. Mr. […]

Dangerous Supplements In Dietary Supplements


About half of the American population uses dietary supplements, spending an estimated $32 billion per year in an effort to be healthier, skinnier, stronger or sexier. The FDA regulates dietary supplements, to a certain degree and only AFTER they have been put on the market, unlike prescription or over-the-counter drugs, which have to be approved […]

Airborne Thrills And Spills

Jetpack Water Safety

JetLev is one model of a relatively new type of recreational device, commonly known as a jet pack, that allows thrill-seekers to take flight. The jet packs, strapped over the shoulders and worn on the back, propel riders into the air with a stream of water. The equipment is tethered to a small, pilotless boat […]

Pick Your Order, Not Your Injury

Spine Injury

A worker falling from a scaffold, platform or forklift just doesn’t have time to react in a way that could lessen his injuries on impact. In fact, it only takes 2.5 seconds to fall 100 feet. That’s not much time, is it? And falls of shorter distances take seem to happen almost instantly but can […]

UMD College Student Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Injuries

One stretch of Route 1 in College Park, Maryland, has become deadly for University of Maryland students trying to cross the four-lane highway. Within the past ten months there have been four serious pedestrian traffic accidents there, two of them fatal, prompting the President of the University to write an online letter to the community […]