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Maryland Police Officer not Indicted in Fatal Car Crash

After a year of investigation, county prosecutors have decided not to indict a Prince George County police officer who faced several serious charges in a 2007 car accident that claimed the life of a University of Maryland student. According to a recent report in the Washington Post, Officer Mario Chavez had been drinking the evening of December 10, 2007, and traveling at a rate twice the posted speed limit when his cruiser struck a car that was turning left across his lane. The Maryland car accident resulted in the death of 20-year old Brian Gray, who was being followed home in another car driven by his mother, Mary Gray.

After a year-long investigation by county prosecutors, Officer Chavez was issued a speeding ticket but will not face any additional criminal charges. The decision shocked friends and family members who claim that Officer Chavez was given lenience due to his employment as a law enforcement officer. They claim that evidence gathered in a civil case against Officer Chavez suggests he should be held responsible for far more serious charges than a traffic violation.

“A speeding ticket is an insult to the value of my son’s life,” Mary Gray said. “If they were looking for things for an indictment, they weren’t looking very hard. This feels like it’s being swept under the rug—a cover up.”

Mrs. Gray also expressed outrage that her son’s blood alcohol level was checked, with no alcohol found in his bloodstream, but Officer Chavez’ was not. In a deposition from the civil case against Chavez, he admitted drinking ‘three or four beers’ that evening, but had slept on a friend’s couch to sober up before driving. But phone records indicated that Chavez had made a half-hour phone call to his wife during the time he claimed to be sleeping.

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