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Poor Conditions at Johnson & Johnson Plant Led to Tylenol Recall

A manufacturing plant owned by Johnson & Johnson which manufactures Tylenol in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, was closed because of quality issues and safety violations in early May. Based on a CNN Money report, on May 1, 50 children’s non-prescription drugs were recalled, including Motrin, Benadryl and Tylenol, as a result of an FDA probe into conditions at the factory. The FDA report listed 20 violations, including 46 consumer complaints about the products that were recalled. A House committee is scheduled to hold a hearing this week about the recall.

Among the worst complaints are:

  • that the factory doesn’t have adequate lab facilities to test products;
  • that company officials failed to follow up on consumer complaints of foreign materials in the medicine;
  • a lack of proper controls in the manufacturing of infant Tylenol (leading to overly powerful medicine);
  • untrained employees;
  • filthy conditions at the plant; and
  • contaminated drums that were used to transport raw materials.

The FDA is considering several options against Johnson & Johnson, including completely closing the factory or maintaining a constant third-party inspection at the plant. A Johnson & Johnson spokesman did not comment on how long the facility would remain shut, but a company representative did indicate it would not resume manufacturing until the necessary corrective actions have been taken.

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