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Steven H. Heisler, The Injury Lawyer, Wins Workers' Compensation Case for Client with Severe Restrictive Lung Disease

Baltimore workers’ compensation attorney Steven H. Heisler, The Injury Lawyer, won a case before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission for a claimant suffering from severe restrictive lung disease.

Baltimore, MD – The legal team at The Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler is proud to announce the success of attorney Steven H. Heisler in a recent workers’ compensation case (# B763242) before the Workers’ Compensation Commission of Maryland. Attorney Heisler secured compensation from the Commission for a 63-year-old worker who had become disabled from severe restrictive lung disease caused by substances exposed to in his work.

Heisler proved to the Workers’ Compensation Commissioner that the claimant was permanently totally disabled due to his severe restrictive lung disease, as well as pre-existing conditions including renal insufficiency from hypertension and diabetes. According to the evidence, the claimant developed the lung condition due to exposure to asbestos, soot, and other harmful substances while employed as a boiler operator for 20 years. As a result, the 63 year old claimant is entitled to weekly benefits for as long as he remains permanently totally disabled.

“The client was literally unable to finish his testimony because of his significant difficulty breathing. The Commissioner reached the right decision,” said Heisler.

The Toll of Restrictive Lung Disease

Restrictive lung disease is a category of respiratory disease that prevents the lung from expanding as it would normally. Because of this restriction, a victim has decreased total lung capacity and oxygenation, requiring increased work to breathe. There are two smaller categories that make up the disease classification. First, intrinsic lung diseases involve the lung tissue becoming scarred or inflamed or the air spaces of the lungs being filled with debris and exudates. Second, extrinsic lung disorders involve diseases affected the respiratory muscles, chest wall, and pleura, which are directly related to the effective ventilation of the lungs.

Harmful substances, including asbestos and soot can cause intrinsic lung diseases such as asbestosis, when a person is exposed to them over a long period of time. These diseases replace normal lung tissue with scar tissue and pockets of air, preventing the lungs from function at a normal and full capacity.

Dedication to the Rights and Wellbeing of Workers

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