Sean Marchese: Why Firefighters, First Responders Have High Rate of Mesothelioma and Cancer

Sean Marchese, a registered nurse and oncology writer at The Mesothelioma Center with a background in respiratory and thoracic oncology clinical trials, joins the show again. First, Sean reveals why cancer is so prevalent in firefighters. In fact, cancer is the leading cause of death in firefighters. They have a higher risk of cancer because these men and women consistently put themselves in danger. When you’re engulfed in smoke and toxic chemicals, that exposure will build up over time. Tune in as Sean dives into the dangers of asbestos, how firefighters can protect themselves from asbestos exposure, and resources for firefighters with health conditions.  In This Episode: [02:25] Meet Sean Marchese. Sean explains why the top cause of death for firefighters is cancer.  [05:35] About mesothelioma. Sean dives into the most prominent cause of mesothelioma – asbestos.   [12:40] Those involved in the 9/11 attacks were heavily affected by the dust cloud that remained in the air for days.     [13:45] The other conditions that can come from asbestos exposure.   [15:45] How firefighters can protect themselves from asbestos exposure.  [19:50] Resources for firefighters who suspect they are having health issues.  Key Takeaways: There is long-term damage for firefighters who are exposed to[…..]