Walkersville Man Loses Control of Vehicle on MD-194

According to Maryland’s local NBC affiliate’s website, your4state.com, a single vehicle car crash on MD-194 and Stauffer Road took the life of a Walkersville man. According to reports, the man was in fact speeding at the time of the accident, and lost control of his vehicle before crashing. The vehicle reportedly rolled over before it ended up in a Maryland cornfield, ejecting the driver who later died at Frederick Memorial Hospital. While investigation into the crash is continuing, it is not believed that the man was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the crash. Tragedies like this often result when Maryland motorists choose to drive recklessly. In this incident, though it was not reported as to whether or not the man was wearing his seatbelt, it is safe to assume that he either was not in fact wearing his seatbelt, or that the seatbelt in his vehicle failed, thus ejecting him from his vehicle. If the seatbelt did in fact fail, then the manufacturer of the seatbelt could in fact be held liable for injuries that resulted from the Walkersville man being thrown out of the vehicle. Thus, auto product liability could have very well[…..]

Unlicensed Driver Crashes into Maryland Apartment Building

According to the Associated Press, an auto accident involving a minivan and an apartment building took place on Good Luck Road. According to reports, the driver of the minivan was unlicensed and was apparently being taught how to drive by his friend. The unlicensed driver lost control of the vehicle, and crashed into a Lanham apartment building, specifically crashing through the wall of an apartment that was occupied at the time. The resident of the apartment sustained a leg injury from debris sent flying from the crash’s impact, and is lucky to be alive. The minivan came to rest on top of the bed where the apartment resident had been reclining on just minutes before the crash occurred. While authorities are still investigating the details of the crash, it has already been determined that the driver of the vehicle is not a United States citizen and was here illegally. On top of that, the individual instructing the unlicensed driver on how to operate the motor vehicle does not possess a license either. Both individuals face reckless endangerment charges, while the driver of the crashed vehicle also faces charges of driving without a license. Being unlicensed, and in one case undocumented,[…..]