Why Do SUVs Rollover More Than Other Vehicles?

The early Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV) were descendants of military and commercial vehicles, like the Land Rover and Jeep, but have evolved to include a variety of styles and sizes. SUVs are popular vehicles and, as such, can be seen often on U.S. roadways. They are usually high-powered and have a high occupant capacity, making them especially popular with young drivers and families, but they are also more dangerous than typical passenger cars. SUVs are built on a light truck chassis, or body frame, which means that an SUV is higher off the ground and has a higher center of gravity than normal passenger cars. This, in addition to the fact that many drivers do not know how to properly handle an SUV, is the general reason why SUVs tend to be involved in serious rollover crashes. The reason why a higher center of gravity and a higher road-chassis height makes more of a difference in an SUV than a pick-up truck, for example, is because of its high occupant capacity. In short, SUVs can easily become excessively top-heavy. In an SUV, the vehicle occupants are in the top half of the vehicle. With that extra weight, everyday maneuvers, especially[…..]