Eight firefighters and a gas company worker suffered personal injury due to a gas explosion at a Forestville, Maryland, strip mall, according to a report. Firefighters were called to the shopping center in Prince George’s County after a gas company worker was hurt while working on a gas line. Two firefighters suffered burn injuries. All others were treated and released at local hospitals. Officials suspect that the gas leak may have been caused by recent renovations in the empty storefront.

Maryland workers who suffer injuries on-the-job are entitled to workers compensation benefits. There are a wide variety of work-related injuries from construction and industrial accidents or even auto accidents on the job. When you suffer a serious injury at work, you may end up having to stay away from work for weeks or even months until you recover completely and are able to physically return to work. Such work-related accidents in Maryland that are covered by workers compensation benefits include industrial accidents such as fires, industrial explosions, gas or chemical leaks, chemical explosions and fires, gas explosions and cancer-related chemical exposure.

Maryland workers who are injured on the job are usually entitled to compensation to cover medical expenses including diagnostics; lost wage benefits; payments for permanent impairment of body parts (also known as permanent partial disability benefits); and vocational rehabilitation benefits to help injured workers reenter the job market. If you have suffered an on-the-job injury and need skilled legal representation, please call Maryland’s skilled workers compensation attorney Steven H. Heisler for a free and comprehensive consultation.

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