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Baltimore Burn Injury Lawyer

Baltimore Burn Injury Lawyer

Baltimore Burn Injury AttorneyBurns are one of the most devastating injuries that can happen to someone. People injured by burns can suffer extreme pain, disfigurement, and psychiatric issues. Some burn injuries are accidental, but others are due to others’ negligence. Those who get burn injuries have a long and arduous road to recovery, and finances can be tight. You should speak to a Baltimore burn injury attorney to fight for your rights if you have burn injuries due to someone else’s negligence.

Steve Heisler, “The Injury Lawyer,” has been helping clients bring burn injury lawsuits for many years. His tenacious work fighting for his client’s rights makes him your Baltimore burn injury lawyer.

Why You Need a Baltimore Burn Injury Lawyer?

If you suffering because of burn injuries, you will not want to get compensation on your own. Burn injuries are complex, and you need a knowledgeable attorney to make sure you get the compensation you need. Burn injury lawyers will also do the following:

  • Meet with you to discuss your injuries and estimate how much you could receive in compensation
  • Speak with your doctors to discuss your burn injuries
  • Speak with burn experts to find out if your injuries resulted from negligence
  • Negotiate with the insurance company to come to a fair settlement
  • Take your case to trial, if necessary.

You need the time to recover from your burn injuries and should not have to worry about their legal aspects. A Baltimore burn injury lawyer will guide you through the process and take the reins in your case.

Why Steven H. Heisler Is Your Baltimore Burn Injury Lawyer?

Steve Heisler has been fighting for his clients since 1996, when he chose to focus his attention on personal injury cases. Since then, he has worked diligently on behalf of his clients, earning a reputation as a dedicated Baltimore birth injury lawyer. Of course, there are other reasons to hire Steve as your burn injury attorney:

  • Steve has been fighting his whole life. He was a boxer in the late 1970s and early 1980s and won many titles. The bottom line: Steve will fight for your rights.
  • Steve was an organizer for the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees Union, Local #7.
  • Steve has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for his clients.
  • His clients tell him how happy they were with legal work.
  • He has deep ties to the city of Baltimore and cares deeply for the citizens of his hometown. He was born and raised on Liberty Road, in Randallstown, Maryland.

Don’t leave your legal care to a law firm that hasn’t shown past successes and will not fight for your rights. Steve Heisler has a proven record of success and will not give up on your case. Call the Baltimore burn injury lawyer Steven H. Heisler today at (410) 625-4878. We will review your case for free.

What Are the Types of Burn Injuries?

Burn injuries come in different types and depend on the source of the burn. There are five major types of burns:

  • Chemical burns, which are from toxic substances that cause damage to the skin
  • Electric burns caused by skin having contact with electricity, such as space heaters
  • Thermal burns, caused by heat exposure like flames or other hot objects
  • Radiation burns, which are caused by X-ray or radiation exposure
  • Cold burns, which can consist of severe frostbite.

What Types of Compensation Can a Baltimore Burn Injury Attorney Get For You?

If you got burned because of the negligence of another person, you may be able to get compensation for your injuries. The amount of compensation depends on the severity of the burn and what effect it has had on your daily life. The types of damages that often occur in burn cases include the following:

  • Medical expenses – Severe burn injuries can result in high medical bills. Physical therapy may be needed for a lengthy period and medical equipment costs.
  • Pain & Suffering – This type of damage is hard to measure in monetary terms, but it is very real and debilitating. Besides physical pain, burn injuries can affect a person emotionally. Psychiatric diagnoses are used in calculating damages as well.
  • Lost Wages – After suffering from a burn injury, you may not be able to work for a period of time, if ever. If this happens, you can claim current lost wages as well as future lost wages, depending on your earning capacity.

To ensure the highest possible compensation for your injuries, consider consulting with an experienced and knowledgeable Baltimore burn injury lawyer. The law office of Steven H. Heisler, also recognized for expertise as a Baltimore birth injury lawyer, offers free case reviews for people who have suffered burn injuries. Call us today at (410) 625-4878.

Steven Heisler Answers Your Questions about Burn Injuries

We understand that every case has its own characteristics, but there are some questions that we frequently get from new or prospective clients. Some of these questions are listed below.

How much money will I get for my burn injuries? 

It depends on certain factors, such as the extent of the burns and how they affect your daily life. An experienced burn injury attorney can give you an estimate during an initial meeting.

Will I Have to Go To Court? 

If your case is on trial, you may have to appear in court. But, many cases settle before court appearances are necessary.

How Long Do I Have to File a Burn Injury Lawsuit in Baltimore? 

According to Maryland law, the statute of limitations in many personal injury cases is three years. After the three-year mark, you cannot file a lawsuit for your injuries.

How Long Will My Case Last? 

That again depends on the parties’ willingness to settle out of court. Settlements will take less time than a jury trial.

Contact Steven H. Heisler for Your Burn Injury Claims

At the personal injury law offices of Steven H. Heisler, we understand how difficult it is to recover from a burn injury. You shouldn’t worry about paying medical bills and dealing with insurance companies. Leave it up to the legal professionals to get you through your burn injury claims. At the Baltimore burn injury law firm of Steven Heisler, we will fight for your rights until you are satisfied.

Call us today at (410) 625-4878.

Attorney Steve Heisler

Steve Heisler decided in 1996 that he was going to focus his law practice exclusively on injury cases. Since then, he has been representing injured people against insurance companies, disreputable medical practitioners and Big Pharma, and doing it with compassion, honesty and level-headed rationality. [ Attorney Bio ]