Police Looking for Boaters in Boat and Run Accident

The Maryland Natural Resources Police are searching for a boat that was involved in a hit and run boating accident that occurred near the Chesapeake Bay at Thomas Point, according to The Baltimore Sun. A powerboat traveling at about 40 knots hit the stern of an anchored sailboat, knocking the sailboat’s owner into the water and breaking both of his legs in the boating accident in Maryland. The man said he attempted to avoid the collision by diving underneath the surface of the water but the boat stuck both of his legs. He was rescued by Natural Resources Police officers who jumped into the water as he started to sink beneath the surface. NRP officers are looking for a white 21 foot Donzi speedboat, which carried a couple in their 30s or 40s. Under Maryland law, boaters are required to travel at safe speeds and to have a lookout. According to statistics, most boating accidents in the United States are caused by collisions. In 2007, there were 1,329 boating accidents that were caused by collisions. Those accidents killed 66 people and injured 953. One of the most typical causes of a collision is the failure to keep a proper lookout.[…..]