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Baltimore Plane Crashes

Baltimore Plane Accident Lawyers

Whether it involves a jet liner or a small aircraft, a plane crash can be a terrifying and scarring experience. Though flying is generally considered to be one of the safest possible ways to travel, plane crashes can and do happen, to the tune of 13 fatalities per million air trips.

Plane Accident Statistics

According to Boeing’s Statistical Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents, 57 percent of plane crashes occur during the “cruise” phase of a flight. Causes for plane crashes can include operator error, adverse weather conditions, defective equipment, and a number of external causes such as sabotage. Errors on the part of air traffic controllers or flight instructors can also impact the safety of air flight and lead to plane crashes.

While some survive plane crashes, the sheer impact of a falling object makes the likelihood of survival slim. The news media is peppered with accounts of small plane crashes that kill all on board. Since flight is such a complex mechanical operation, the investigation of these accidents can be extremely time-consuming and involve aviation experts and local, state, national, and even international law.

Serious Injuries from Aviation Accidents

In addition to plane crashes, aviation accidents are increasingly common. Plane injuries can include head trauma due to falling objects, injuries sustained during crash landings, or foot and leg injuries due to out-of-control food and beverage carts on board. These accidents may be caused by user error, negligence on the part of the airline, or faulty design and require investigation to determine negligence and compensation possibilities.

If your loved one was killed in a plane crash, consulting with a Baltimore wrongful death attorney could inform you of your rights in a wrongful death lawsuit, potentially allowing you to collect compensation for your relative’s loss of life. Likewise, if you sustain injury while flying on a commercial or private jet, you could potentially recover costs associated with medical treatment, lost wages, and the price of future medical care.

Assistance With for Your Accident Claim

Because of the complex legal aspects of a plane crash investigation, it’s wise to seek experienced and aggressive counsel as you set out on your plane crash litigation. Your plane crash lawyer should have a track record of representing wrongful death and injury victims and know the law as it pertains to plane crashes and aviation accidents.

The Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler specialize in the representation of injury victims, including those hurt in aviation accidents and the families of plane crash wrongful death victims. Contact Steven H. Heisler to discuss your potential plane crash claim today.

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