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Baltimore Vehicle Rollover Accidents

Everyone knows about the risks of fatalities and injuries due to auto accidents. But did you know that an estimated 22 percent of all car accident deaths are due to vehicle rollovers? These serious car accidents affect cars, trucks, and especially sport utility vehicles (SUVs) – in fact, between 62 and 79 percent of all SUV deaths occur in rollover accidents.

Standard passenger vehicles carry an approximate 16 percent rollover risk. SUVs have a 30 percent rollover risk, a number that is of grave concern given the nationwide SUV trend over the past decade. Vehicle rollovers are serious accidents that occur when a car, truck or SUV rolls due to a sudden wheel motion or braking, which usually occurs when a driver tries to avoid colliding with another vehicle or an object obstructing the roadway. Rollover accidents can cause serious injuries and fatalities – an estimated 10,000 plus deaths every year.

What Cars Have Rollover Hazards?

While there are many factors that lead to a rollover accident, including vehicle design and external conditions such as weather and driver fatigue, it is commonly conceded that certain makes and models of car and SUV carry more risk for a vehicle rollover. Common offenders include the Honda Passport, Ford Explorer, Toyota 4 Runner, Isuzu Rodeo and Trooper, Ford Bronco II, Suzuki Samurai, and Jeep CJ-7. In fact, a recently-released statistic suggests that a Ford Explorer – commonly marketed as a family car – is 16 times as likely to cause crash fatalities than other family vehicles. Click here for information about recent vehicle recalls, provided by the Office of Defects Investigation, or ODI, which is part of the U.S. DOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Because of the many factors that can affect a vehicle rollover, the first order of business after treating vehicle rollover injuries is to determine the cause of the crash. Vehicle rollovers generally fall under state and federal product liability laws because of defective car design. In order to prove negligence under a product liability case, an extensive investigation is required to prove the circumstances of the accident, the design flaws or lack of crashworthiness that lead to the vehicle rollover, the extent of the injuries, and the reasonableness or avoidability of such an accident. It is imperative that after the accident the vehicle be left in its damaged state and stored, thereby allowing an expert to analyze it and determine the cause of the accident. Any alteration can potentially destroy the case.

Finding Success in Your Case

Due to the short period of time in which to file a personal injury lawsuit and the potential complexity of vehicle rollover cases, it’s a good idea to seek a skilled, aggressive vehicle rollover attorney to file and litigate your case. Your vehicle rollover lawyer will help investigate your accident and seek the compensation you deserve for your vehicle rollover injuries. The law offices of Steven H. Heisler focus solely on personal injury cases, including those injuries sustained in vehicle rollover cases. Interested in a free case consultation on your vehicle rollover case? Contact Steven H. Heisler today for more information.

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