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Baltimore Explosion Accident Lawyer

It’s the place you go to earn your daily bread. But when workplace burns and explosions strike, your health, livelihood and even your life can be at stake. Workplace explosions and fires can cause lifelong health problems or even death. Here’s what you need to know about workplace burns and explosions:

Causes of Serious Accidents

There are many factors that can lead to workplace burns and explosions. Each injury is unique and depends on factors such as type of workplace, weather and interior conditions, safety procedures and user training. Different types of workplaces carry different kinds of risk. For example, a chemical processing plant that deals with combustible gases can be at risk for gas explosions. Construction sites can be at risk for electrical malfunctions that lead to overloaded circuits and electrical fires. Other chemical processing plants are at risk for dust explosions that lead to burns.

Explosions can be caused by static electricity that sparks materials into flames or an explosion (common materials include gases, rust, dust, or flammable liquids). In addition, storage of combustible materials, open flames in an unsafe area, and even broken or faulty gas and electric lines can cause devastating workplace explosions and burns.

Safety and training are essential in the prevention of workplace burns and explosions.

Liability for Injuries

Contractors are responsible for safety on a construction site, while employers and building owners may share negligence in other settings. Carelessness or lack of training can cause hazardous situations that can be ignited by one errant spark or burst of static electricity. Hence, when workplace explosions occur, an investigation will be necessary to establish negligence.

Victims of workplace explosions and burns can experience severe burns, lung damage, even death. Though their injuries may be partially covered under the state workers’ compensation system, workplace burn and explosion victims may also be eligible to file a civil lawsuit in order to receive compensation and damages for the costs of treating their injuries and related expenses such as loss of earning capacity and the cost of rehabilitation and future medical care.

Call a Dedicated Injury Attorney Today

The clock begins ticking the moment you are injured on the job, and the statute of limitations can be limited for those who wish to file a claim in relation to a workplace explosion or burn. For this reason, time is of the essence. If you’ve experienced injury due to a workplace explosion or burn, contact a Baltimore burn injury attorney at the Law Offices of Steven H. Heisler today. Committed to representing personal injury victims, attorney Steven H. Heisler have what it takes to get compensation for your explosion or burn injury. Just call today for a free case consultation.

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