It’s best to plan ahead to ensure a successful and happy retirement. But it’s not just financial planning that’s important. It’s important to plan out your activities as well. Join us in today’s episode with our guest Dr. Dori Mintzer.

Meet Dr. Dori Mintzer 

With 50 years of clinical experience, Dr. Dorian (aka Dori) Mintzer is a speaker/retirement transition, money, relationship, and executive coach/ therapist/ consultant/ writer. She weaves adult development, holistic life planning and positive psychology into programs that tap and shape clients’ energies into roadmaps for wiser, more enhanced living. She hosts the popular monthly Revolutionize your Retirement Interview with Expert’s Series on the 4th Tuesday of each month, open to professionals and the public. She provides Keynotes, breakout sessions, webinars and podcasts and facilitates workshops for professional and community groups. 

Dorian is co-author of the award winning book, The Couples Retirement Puzzle: The 10 Must-Have Conversations for Creating an Amazing New Life Together, co-producer of The Career Playbook: Second Half Plays and has contributed to a number of other books. She has been featured in a variety of print and digital outlets such as the NY Times, WSJ, USA Today, CNN Money, Forbes, Next Avenue, The Financial Times, NPR, ABC Evening News and the Today Show and has given a Ted X talk focused on “Embracing your Bonus Years: A Time to Learn, Grow and Evolve.”



Attorney Steve Heisler

Steve Heisler decided in 1996 that he was going to focus his law practice exclusively on injury cases. Since then, he has been representing injured people against insurance companies, disreputable medical practitioners and Big Pharma, and doing it with compassion, honesty and level-headed rationality. [ Attorney Bio ]