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Ozempic Lawsuit Attorney in Baltimore

Consumers trust the popular prescription weight-loss drug Ozempic to aid them in their journey toward better health. Sadly, many users experience health issues due to dangerous side effects.

An Ozempic lawsuit attorney in Baltimore fights for the compensation Ozempic patients deserve. No one should pay out of pocket for damages they suffer due to a dangerous drug. If you or a close loved one used Ozempic only to experience hardship, schedule a free consultation with an attorney. The sooner you reach out, the faster an attorney can get to work for you.

Ozempic Side Effect Dangers

Popular weight loss drug can cause significant harm.

Ozempic is a drug designed to help patients with Type 2 diabetes. An additional benefit of the drug is weight loss, making it an attractive and popular option for people who struggle with both. Unfortunately, many patients suffer severe and painful side effects. At the core of most civil claims is that the drug manufacturer downplayed or failed to disclose the possible effects.

Patient experiences with the drug vary. Among the most common reported side effects from using Ozempic are:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain
  • Stomach paralysis
  • Gallbladder issues
  • Ileus (bowel obstruction).

The impact of one or more of these conditions on your body can cause you to miss time from work and create a mountain of medical costs. It is an unfair and heavy burden, one that you did not expect when prescribed the medication.

Big pharmaceutical companies must earn the trust of doctors and patients. To do so, they must provide fair warning of the possible dangers of Ozempic use. This is especially true for at-risk patients with other medical conditions. From severe to sometimes life-threatening, Ozempic dangers are real. If your health declined from Ozempic use, taking your finances and emotional state with it, contact an attorney today.

Why Choose Us for Your Ozempic Lawsuit

Steven H. Heisler is unafraid of Big Pharma and its insurers.

Steven H. Heisler believes victims of negligence deserve justice. He is tenacious, determined, and supportive of clients during a challenging time.

Steve is no stranger to challenges. When a back injury stopped his wrestling career, he moved on to boxing. The need for a strong strategy and quick thinking inside the ring were valuable tools he uses today with complex cases.

As a University of Baltimore School of Law graduate, Steve has represented thousands of Maryland personal injury victims. Honest, level-headed, and driven, his demeanor places clients at ease and defendants on notice.

Victims of Big Pharma negligence are often offered a settlement. If you used Ozempic and suffered severe side effects, do not accept anything until you contact an attorney. Steven H. Heisler can easily spot a low-dollar offer, counter it, and, if necessary, go to trial.

Accepting a settlement offer is a one-and-done step. This means you cannot return for additional compensation should your condition worsen. Protecting your best interests is paramount following your use of Ozempic.

Steve knows civil law and can apply it to your claim or lawsuit. Building a strong case for compensation does not happen overnight. Act now to give you and Steve the time you both need to prepare your case.

How Steven H. Heisler Helps Ozempic Victims

Compassion is at the core of his service to clients.

Suffering harm due to someone else’s negligence turns your world upside down. If pursuing legal action overwhelms you, Steven H. Heisler can help.

Steve stays on top of the latest news concerning Ozempic health dangers and lawsuits. He immediately puts his skills as an experienced Baltimore attorney to work, and he never leaves you wondering about the status of your case.

Some Ozempic health complications require surgery, new medications, or treatments. All complications require rest — impossible if you attempt to manage your case alone. Steve will help you by:

  • Listening to your Ozempic story
  • Learning about the impact on your life
  • Preparing your civil claim and lawsuit
  • Negotiating for a fair settlement
  • Proceeding to trial when necessary
  • Keeping you informed from Day One.

What happened to you as a result of your prescribed medication use was unfair — and Steve wants to know all about your experience. His care and compassion are sincere, unlike that often exhibited by insurance companies. An insurance company representative may seem eager to help you. However, protecting the interests of their company is a top priority. Any offer they extend to you is typically designed to delight yet underpay you.

Steven H. Heisler is in your corner regarding your Ozempic lawsuit. He is a calming and welcoming presence for Baltimore victims of negligence. Learn how he can help you by contacting him today.

Ozempic victims who suffer severe side effects may have legal options. Learn whether you qualify for a civil claim or lawsuit for your damages. Contact a Baltimore Ozempic lawsuit attorney today.

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Ozempic Lawsuit FAQs

A Baltimore attorney answers frequently asked questions regarding Ozempic lawsuits.

Ozempic patients considering legal action generally have common questions. The following frequently asked questions may help you as you contemplate your next step.

Does an Ozempic lawsuit require going to trial?

Not necessarily. Most civil cases are settled out of court. If your attorney feels that proceeding to trial is best for your case, they will inform you immediately.

How long does an Ozempic lawsuit take to resolve?

The answer depends upon various factors, such as settlement negotiations and a possible trial. Your attorney will work diligently to resolve your case quickly. However, they will not settle for less than you deserve.

How much compensation is possible from an Ozempic lawsuit?

It is impossible to predict what, if any, compensation will result from your lawsuit. Your attorney will fight for the best outcome possible.

What does a contingency fee mean when paying legal fees?

Civil attorneys generally work on a contingency-fee basis. Their fee is contingent upon whether they secure compensation for you. You owe no legal fees if your attorney does not win your case.

If I accept a settlement, can I sue again later if my condition worsens?

No. Victims of negligence have one opportunity to secure the compensation they need. While immediate financial concerns are concerning, patience is vital to pursuing your case.

Pursuing a claim or lawsuit can be daunting for those unfamiliar with Maryland civil laws. Negotiation skills in a civil case involve more than haggling over a price. It is a complex process that requires experience and legal know-how.

Get the answers to your questions by scheduling a free consultation with a Baltimore Ozempic lawsuit attorney today. Consultations are a no-risk opportunity to learn whether you have a case and, if so, how to proceed.

Why Time Matters with Your Ozempic Lawsuit

It is crucial that you contact an attorney after the onset of your symptoms.

Health complications from using Ozempic disrupt your usual daily routine. Doctor appointments and hospital stays can cause you to lose track of time. However, time is not on your side when pursuing a civil lawsuit.

The Maryland statute of limitations allows three years for filing a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. It is vital for your case that you do not miss this critical deadline.

Your attorney must prove your diagnosis relates to your Ozempic use. You can help your attorney with your case by gathering your medical records and other evidence, such as:

  • Your doctor’s prescription for Ozempic
  • Hospital, cancer treatment, and other bills
  • Proof of lost wages due to time missed from work
  • Mental anguish due to overall pain and suffering.

If you lost a close loved one due to Ozempic complications, you may want to pursue a wrongful death claim or lawsuit. A Baltimore wrongful death attorney can review your case and determine whether you qualify for legal action.

Whether Ozempic use affected you or resulted in a tragic loss, time matters. Delayed action may result in a missed opportunity for compensation. Get help from Steven H. Heisler, The Injury Lawyer, without delay. Steve has the experience to ensure your civil case meets all legal requirements.

Baltimore Ozempic Lawsuit Attorney

Steven H. Heisler fights for what you deserve.

An Ozempic prescription should improve your health, not harm it. Adequately warning patients of potential medication risks is the responsibility of every pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Unexpected illnesses are frightening, painful, and expensive. Some patients may experience severe side effects and not be able to return to work. The loss of a beloved career is often emotionally devastating and can add to a victim’s depression and anxiety.

No patient takes a prescribed medication expecting life-changing harm. Instead, they expect life-changing benefits. If a drug such as Ozempic changed the course of your life, contact Steven H. Heisler today.

Call our office now to schedule your free consultation: (410) 625-4878. Protect your best interests against Big Pharma. The effect of their negligence on your life was unfair and is worth pursuing justice.

Attorney Steve Heisler

Steve Heisler decided in 1996 that he was going to focus his law practice exclusively on injury cases. Since then, he has been representing injured people against insurance companies, disreputable medical practitioners and Big Pharma, and doing it with compassion, honesty and level-headed rationality. [ Attorney Bio ]